Betting Strategies in live betting – volleyball and basketball
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Strategies in live betting – volleyball and basketball

If this is the case, and you value building up adequate financial resources in peace, we highly recommend this solution. Its purpose is extremely simple and fast. It is necessary here to play live and observe how the favourite is doing. The essence of the whole issue is to wait until the potential favourite loses the first set or quarter. In this case, the odds in live mode increase significantly and often exceed 2.00. When this happens in real life, we immediately bet our coupon on the favourite, who unexpectedly loses. In more cases than not, the favourite will win the next hand, resulting in an overall draw. In this case, the odds on the guests increase again and also exceed 2.00. At this moment we put our coupon on them at the same value as before. Taking into consideration that in volleyball it is impossible to draw and in basketball this statistic is close to zero, you are sure to win one of your bets in the end, i.e. you win more than 2,00, which gives you a certain profit. It is simple and you can repeat it as long as you like, because negative deviations from the rule are practically non-existent. Nevertheless, after some time it is worth creating potential stocks for yourself. This is a standard step that will allow you not to change your game system if you lose. On this basis you always keep one playable bet in reserve, which allows you to think about the implementation of the strategy with peace of mind. Seems easy, doesn’t it? And so it is. The volleyball and basketball live betting strategy is one of the most effective – if not the best – you will find online, so we highly recommend it. We will also add about some factors that we think should be seen as crucial. This is because you have to take into account that all advice, tactics and strategies have to consist of many well-thought-out aspects. Some of these need to be broken down into additional elements. And it is about them that we will write now.

The amount of odds and their variation


The issue given above is an engaging one, although it only touches on part of the problem. What matters here is also the amount of the odds themselves, and these are always different depending on the given bookmaker. This means that first of all you should analyse a few more betting sites. On this basis, you will select the sites that offer the best propositions for the particular part that you might be interested in. Most of the brands revolve around football, so the volleyball or basketball mentioned above will be important here and the discrepancies in odds can reach up to several tens of percent. And the truth is that even a few percent winnings give us an incentive to continue playing. So don’t worry and always check the next offers, because it can be crucial and give you more than you expected at the beginning. This is one of the advantages, the other is…

Promotions! Who doesn’t like them?

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With these you can expect some great perks from the very first day you open an account. Most operators offer to increase the first deposit by 100% (but there are exceptions both ways) up to the amount of 1 000 USD and more. Occasionally, you’ll find a split for several subsequent deposits, so you don’t have to deposit all your money at once or simply wait in peace for a potential payout. This allows you to play for twice the stake you assumed at the start, or spread your betting slips over twice as many of them if that’s all you’re analysing at any given time. Sounds beneficial and really helps. On top of that there is another bonus that you can almost always find. It is the reload bonus, which is a classic cash bonus. Thanks to it you’ll be able to increase your deposits even if your first one is long gone. Of course in bookmaker bets there are also free bets and free bets on the basis of which you will get a cashback in case of failure up to a certain amount. This is an interesting and simple start for people who are just learning the strategy and want to make sure that the actions match exactly their solutions. Finally, in terms of promotions, we would like to mention that you can also find races and numerous tournaments, loyalty and friend invitation programs, VIP systems and lotteries or individual bonuses assigned to anniversaries, etc.

All these actions add up and show that systems and strategies can be more effective. If you have any doubts about them, you can always test them properly for minimum amounts. Each such investment will allow you to gain experience and move forward to compete even better in sports betting. Betting is also about customer service and live chat, which operates for most of the day, so in case of additional issues you can count on the consultant’s opinion here and, for example, the termination of the coupon if it takes too long to settle.

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