Gambling List of the Best Books on Academic Drawing

List of the Best Books on Academic Drawing

Today we will look at some of the best books for drawing. Many people like to draw, it gives a lot of happiness. Just like a 20 Bet gives happiness.

1. “Artist’s Sketchbook”, by Katie Johnson

Artist's Sketchbook by Katie Johnson

This book will answer all the questions of a novice artist. What materials should I choose? Where to start? Sketching techniques are described both inside and outside the walls of the house. Also, Katie inserted a sufficient number of sketches of modern masters into the sketchbook as an example.

2. “Sketches!”, Frans Belleville-Van Stone

The book is for those who are convinced that they will not have enough time to draw even sketches! The book will prove the opposite and teach you how to draw in between work and study, bedtime and lunch! An abundance of drawing exercises and a lot of practical tips. Suitable for both advanced artists and beginners!

3. “A sketchbook that will teach you how to draw!”, Robin Landa

Teacher Robin Landa has put a comprehensive drawing course in one sketchbook! She managed to make the book not only stylish and colorful, but also understandable for everyone! The book will tell you about all the subtleties and secrets of drawing techniques! After reading, a person who has never picked up a pencil will be able to bring to life quick and realistic sketches.

4. “Visual Notes”, Mike Roadie

The book describes how sketches can be useful in practice? And most importantly, how high-speed drawings contribute to memorizing important information! Mike Roadie is sure that anyone can create visual notes and sketches. In addition to the techniques of creating and applying sketches, the book has exercises for practicing graphic elements that will help you master the sketchnouting technique.

5. “Artbook”, Kathy Johnson

In addition to the bright pages strewn with illustrations, you will find tips and ideas from 27 famous artists from around the world. More than 25 exercises to develop your skills. Artbook will teach you to cherish the moment, and not wait for a special walk or trip to pick up a pencil.

6. “Drawing is cool,” by John Hendrick

For those who are always confused, and an empty white sheet completely discourages the desire to create. This book will help you cope with internal barriers and fears. It will teach you how to relate to the drawing process much easier. On the pages of the notebook, you can draw, write and do whatever your heart desires. The essence that John Hendrick laid down in the sketchbook is very simple: ideas are born in the process of creativity, but in order for ideas to appear, you need to start.

7. “Not a day without a brush”, Carol Marin

Drawing every day seems like an impossible task. After all, each of us goes to school, work, spends time with friends /family or does household chores. But Carol is convinced that even with oil or watercolor, you can draw stunning paintings in the technique of sketches. Allocating an hour of time per day for drawing will help you hone your skills to professionalism and learn new techniques every day!

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